Baan Ploen

฿ 5,650,000
  • 34305 m2 ft
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Square Feet
305 m2 ft
Aug 30, 2016
Outer East

Anyone looking for a completely unique style of villa totally different from any other architectural style that you will have ever seen before need look no further than Baan Ploen. The developers of this totally original project have employed a skilled team of architects to create beautiful-looking villas that take their inspiration from traditional Thai designs and a jungle theme.

The result is some of the most breathtaking villas it is likely that you have ever seen. Living in a villa at Baan Ploen is like living in a work of art!

Despite the originality of the designs of the villas at Baan Ploen, prices here are surprisingly affordable considering the large sizes of both styles of villas together with the large plot sizes that each of the villas stands upon. There are two styles of villas available here. The smaller style consists of two-storey villas containing three-bedrooms and four-bathrooms with 305m2 of internal space, located on plot sizes of 452-580m2. The larger of the two sizes are three-storey villas, containing four-bedrooms and six bathrooms, with 415m2 of internal space built upon plot sizes of 452-640m2.

In keeping with the original nature of the project, buyers here are able to choose from many different options in order to create their perfect home. Buyers can choose from a standard tiled roof or, for an additional fee of THB 300,000, they can choose a typically Thai style bamboo roof in order to create a truly unique look to their villa. Internally, buyers have many other options available to them also, with many different options for hardwood flooring and a variety of wall coverings. The large plot sizes here mean that there is plenty of space available for buyers to purchase their own private pools.

In terms of location, Baan Ploen is ideal for those who love to be surrounded by the natural beauty of the Chiang Mai area. The entire project is surrounded by lush greenery and sits in the foothills beneath the mountain that dominates Chiang Mai€™s skyline to the east of the city. The €˜jungle€™ theme of the project partly took its inspiration from the fact that it is very close to Chiang Mai€™s famous Night Safari and there are several large areas of public parkland close-by. Being located just off Highway 121, Baan Ploen is an easy drive away from Chiang Mai International Airport, Chiang Mai University as well as the city centre. Closer to home, there are several good international schools in the immediate vicinity of the development.

Baan Ploen is a completely gated community, covered by CCTV cameras and security guards, so you can be assured that your villa and family are completely safe.

In summary, if you are looking for an affordable villa which offers a lot of internal space, a large garden area with a totally distinctive style, Baan Ploen is an excellent option for you to consider.

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