Sell a property in Thailand guide

If you own any type of property in Thailand and consider selling it, you have found the right place to do it. Some sellers target the local market while others wish to sell their property in Thailand to overseas buyers and if you are one of them, you can do so on our site. However, selling a condo or a house to a foreign buyer is not the same thing as selling to the local resident. There are a few things which you need to consider if you want to sell a house in Thailand to the right buyer and earn a maximum profit.

Selling property to foreign buyers

If local buyers may buy a property in Thailand through their friends, relatives or local newspapers or websites, foreign buyers tend to rely solely on the Internet looking for real estate agents who deal with international buyers. It is rather unlikely that overseas buyers will browse through local websites targeting the local audience, much less read ads in newspapers in Thai language. If you wish to sell a condo in Thailand and post your ads on sites targeting local buyers, chances are, your ad won’t be discovered by overseas buyers.

Attracting overseas buyers

Foreign customers looking to buy a house in Thailand, condo in Pattaya or other popular expat destinations prefer to deal with agents or buy property directly from local owners in Thailand. If you, like many other owners, do not want to sell your property through an agent and wish to deal directly with the buyer, you need to list your property on real estate sites which target foreign buyers and is one of them.

Post your ad on

We have mentioned that it is crucial to feature your property on as many real estate sites as possible and it is also essential that the sites where you list your property target international audience. Here on your only job is to add a property listing and provide it with a good description and appealing photos. Once you do that, you may sit back and relax because the rest of the job will be done by us.

Benefits we offer you

Adding your property to our site means that it will be viewed by thousands of interested buyers who plan to buy a property in Thailand. What is more, our audience mainly consists of buyers from foreign countries and if you specifically wish to sell your house to an overseas buyer, there’s no better place to do that than on Lastly, adding a property listing on is absolutely free for both individual sellers and agents, it will take you no more than five minutes to post your ad, and once you do, your chances of selling your property increase dramatically.

Property buying trends in Thailand

As more expats are settling down in Thailand, the prices for real estate are steadily rising. There’s a growing consensus among foreigners that buying a property in Thailand is a good investment that will only increase in value. Thailand has a vibrant expat community and more newcomers are looking to buy a condo in Bangkok, a house in Pattaya or other popular destinations. While some of the buyers prefer to deal with agents, others prefer a personal touch and wish to buy a house directly from the owner. If you have a quality listing on MyThai.Property, you may expect that it will be easily discovered by overseas buyers and some of them will want to purchase it.

You may sign up right now and sell your property more effectively. Post an ad today and see how quickly it gets noticed by foreign buyers.

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